From Customer365 for SageCRM


Sage CRM versions 2018,2019 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023 supported.

The Sage CRM license must have Self-Service in it.

You Sage CRM server needs to be accessible from an external url


and "should" have an SSL cert (https).

.Net 4.5.2 (or later) on the server app pool

The Portal needs to be on the same server as CRM.

IE (Internet Explorer) in compatibility mode is not supported.

  • Data wise email addresses are used to identify person records so email addresses should be unique per company (IE the same email address cannot be used for more than one person in a single company)


CRM will only allow one instance per server of CRM be the self-service portal


To re-register the server open a command prompt and navigate to the wwwroot folder within the CRM folder structure. Typically this is 'C:\Program Files\Sage\CRM\CRM\WWWRoot' Once there type

regsvr32 eware.dll

A Message should appear to confirm that the eware.dll has been registered. Typically if this is required you will also need to reset the registry settings to point to the correct CRM database also. *

  • Please note that installing another CRM instance on the same machine does override these settings and will lead to issues like those described above.

CRM Self-Service settings should be correctly configured and you should be able to see the "Vistor" and "Visitor Profile" table in the customization area.

2022 R1 has introduced some issues when screens have "create script" code in it or even table scripts.