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From Customer365 for SageCRM

Click on the menu option Cases, then "+" sign and complete the fields as appropriate

When user types in Case Description, Suggested solutions are displayed based on this description.

To enable this option set "showSolutionsInLogCase" in web.config file to "Y"

<add key="showSolutionsInLogCase" value="Y"/>

To change how many solutions are displayed change value in "smallGridLenght" in web.config file.

<add key="smallGridLength" value="5"/>

To see solution press on solution field you want to see.

New cases logged from the portal have their assigned user value set as the "pers_primaryuserid" but you can configure this option using the following parameters

   <add key="CaseAssignedUserField" value="pers_primaryuserid"/>
   <add key="UseCaseAssignedUserField" value="Y"/>

The Screen used is usually called "PortalNewCase" and the setting in the web.config is also called this. EG

 <add key="PortalNewCase" value="PortalNewCase"/>

Round robin assignment (new feature from Oct 14) The system can now be configured to assign cases on a round robin basis.

Setting UseRoundRobinCaseAssignement

   <add key="UseRoundRobinCaseAssignement" value="Y" />

Sql setting to get a list of active users to select case_assigneduserid from

   <add key="setAssignerUserSQL" value="select user_userid from activity left join users on acty_userid=user_userid  left join channel on chan_channelid=User_PrimaryChannelId where acty_logout is null and acty_logoutmethod is null and acty_createddate > (getdate()-1)  order by user_userid asc" />

Default user id to use (if no active users)

   <add key="setAssignerUserDefault" value="1" />

Default case team (channel) to be the company team/channel

   <add key="use_default_case_channelid" value="Y" />

There is way to display an extra text when new case is being created based on company fields.

To do this, add "js/customscriptname.js" to "CustomScript" setting in web.config file.

<add key="CustomScript" value="js/customscriptname.js" />
Code in "customscriptname.js":
1.  $(document).ready(function () {
2.    var textField = $('#_Captcase_casefee');// field where message will be displayed
3.    if (comp_type == 'Customer') {
4.            textField.text("*Some custom note here");
5.            textField.css({ 'color': '#FFA500', 'font-weight': 'bold' });
6.            $('#case_casefee').hide();
7.        } else {
8.            textField.hide();
9.            $('#case_casefee').hide();
10.        }
11. });

For example, it was precoded that above text is displayed to Companies whose type (comp_type) is "Customer"

If, for example, message needs to be displayed only to particular companies based on type and territory, change line 3 in above example to:

3.  if (comp_type == 'Customer' && comp_territory == 'Europe') {

These fields also needs to be added in web.comfig file.

<add key="CompanyOutputfields" value="comp_type, comp_territory " />

Emails when a case is created.

Outside of customising Sage CRM's escalations you can configure settings in the system to send emails when a case is created

To do this the setting


must be = Y EG

  <add key="UseEmail" value="Y"/>

Your setting



<add key="CreateTrackingNoteNotification" value="Y"/>

must also be Y

Finally you can specify which template in CRM you want to use with the setting



   <add key="CaseCreatedTemplate" value="ctCaseCreatedTemplate"/>

..where ctCaseCreatedTemplate is the name of an email template in CRM

An email is then sent to the email address of the case assigned user.


This option allows you to have the case assigned users team emailed. Set to Y to enable.

Option to allow you to send an email on case create to a person. To turn on set


SendMasterCaseOnCreateEmailAddresses should contain a comma delimited list of email addresses

   <add key="SendMasterCaseOnCreateEmail" value="Y"/>
   <add key="SendMasterCaseOnCreateEmailAddresses" value="someone@server.com"/>

To send an email to the client you would do the following:

1. Create a new field EG "case_newcaseesc" (make this a selection-values Y/N / Lookup Family=YesNo) 2. Create a new table script and updatet the "updaterecord" as follows

  function UpdateRecord(){
    var CaseRec=CRM.CreateQueryObj("SELECT * FROM Cases WITH (NOLOCK) WHERE case_referenceid like '0-%' and case_newcaseesc is null and " + WhereClause);
    if (!CaseRec.eof)

Note that the SQL only sets the flag for portal created cases

3. Create an escalation that fires the email etc


May 2018 Update

Advanced Search Select Fields

We alter the HTML rendered to make SSA field work. There is also some configuration on the server side to control access.

This is an example of the settings for a company lookup

1. Lookup fields for entity

   EntityName_Lookup_Enabled is required to be set to Y for the lookup to work. This is a security setting to prevent unauthorized access.
   <add key="Company_Lookup_Enabled" value="N"/>

2. Text to appear on the lookup

   <add key="Company_Lookup_lblLookupSelect" value="Select Company"/>

3. SQL to be user - Values replaced are #companyid#, #pers_personid# and #searchvalue#

    <add key="Company_Lookup_SearchSQL" value="select * from vCompany where comp_businesspartnerid=#companyid# and comp_Name like '%#searchvalue#%'"/>
   <add key="Company_Lookup_GridLength" value="5"/>

4. List in CRM to use to control what columns are displayed

   <add key="Company_Lookup_ListName" value="CompanyPortalLookup"/>
  • this list needs to be created in CRM. The first column needs to have the hyperlink set to custom jump and there needs to be some text "link" in the "custom file" text box

5. Custom Lookup translations

  Structure is
   <add key="Company_LookupTran_btnSearch" value="Search"/>
   <add key="Company_LookupTran_headerText" value="Search for the Company and click to select"/>
  • In testing it seems Sage CRM will not render some SSA fields (opportunity,cases and campaigns). Company, Person and Custom entities are available.

Date Only and DateTime fields

We alter the HTML rendered to make these fields work. There are settings in the system. The "timepickerformat" should not be changed.

   <add key="datepickerformat" value="dd/mm/yy"/>
   <add key="timepickerformat" value="h:i A"/>

User Lookup fields supported

Default settings

   <add key="Users_Lookup_Enabled" value="N"/>
   <add key="Users_Lookup_lblLookupSelect" value="Select User"/>
   <add key="Users_Lookup_SearchSQL" value="select * from vUsers where (user_logon like '%#searchvalue#%') or (user_fullname like '%#searchvalue#%')"/>
   <add key="Users_Lookup_GridLength" value="5"/>
   <add key="Users_Lookup_ListName" value="UsersPortalLookup"/>
   <add key="Users_LookupTran_btnSearch" value="Search"/>
   <add key="Users_LookupTran_headerText" value="Search for the Users and click to select"/>