From Customer365 for SageCRM

The company menu appears on the LHS of the page

This links to the "accountdetails.aspx" page.

1. Within the person entity create a screen called "PortalPersonDetails" (Associated View=vSummaryPerson) and add fields as required.

2. Within the person entity create a screen called "PortalPersonList" (Associated view=vPersonPE) and add the fields as required.

3. Within the Communication entity create a screen called "PortalCommunicationList" (Associated view=) and add the fields as required.


a. Change Password - Allows users to change their portal password

b. Change Request - Allow users to send a message requesting that their details be changed (address/email for example)

c. File Upload - Allows user to upload files

Screen settings

   <add key="PortalPersonDetails" value="PortalPersonDetails"/>
   <add key="lblPeopleList" value="People List" />
   <add key="PersonListQuery" value="select * from vpersonpe where pers_companyid=#comp_companyid# order by pers_lastname"/>
   <add key="commQuery" value="select top 5 * from vcommunication where cmli_comm_personid=#pers_personid# and comm_action in ('EmailIn','EmailOut') order by comm_datetime desc"/>
   <add key="lblCommunications" value="Most Recent Communications"/>
   <add key="PortalCommunicationList" value="PortalCommunicationList"/>
   <add key="lblChangePassword" value="Change Password"/>
   <add key="lblChangeRequest" value="Change Request"/>
   <add key="lblEnterDetails" value="Enter Details"/>

The "CustomerSupportEmail" is the email address the change request email is sent to

   <add key="CustomerSupportEmail" value=""/>

Settings to control the display of page sections

1. showCompanyList - this is the list of companies in CRM this user is in (based on their email address)

   <add key="showCompanyList" value="Y" />

  • This list will not be displayed if email associated only with one company
  • Requires a screen (NOT a list) called "PortalCompanyList" to be created under company - Fields on this should be comp_name, etc
  • new setting "limitAccessToPrimaryPerson" which controls whether only persons marked as primary can view/edit the companies

2. showCompanyPersonList - list of people in the company

   <add key="showCompanyPersonList" value="Y" />

3. showCommunicationsList - last 5 communications with client (marked as emailin/out)

   <add key="showCommunicationsList" value="N" />

4. Changes from 05/08/2016

showCompanyFileList- list of files against the company

   <add key="showCompanyFileList" value="Y"/>

replaced by

AllowAccountFileDownload - this will allow user not only to see file list but also download these files

<add key="AllowAccountFileDownload" value="Y"/>

File grid filter - The file list does not display private library records and this setting allows you to add in your own custom filter

   <add key="FileListFilter" value="Libr_FileName like '%.docx'"/>

You could also filter on file size


 <add key="FileListFilter" value="Libr_FileSize>500"/>

Or only show records uploaded by a portal user (person in CRM)


 <add key="FileListFilter" value="Libr_FileSize>500 and Libr_CreatedBy=-1"/>

File upload

To turn on/off file uploads at the company level update the setting

     <add key="AllowAccountFileUpload" value="N"/>

to have a value "Y"

New option - from mid Oct 14

Ability to edit company/person details from account details screen

Global option to turn off ability to edit any screens on account page Set to Y to turn on - default is N

 <add key="EnableCompanyEditScreen" value="N"/>
 <add key="EnablePersonEditScreen" value="N"/>

Settings for the names of the CRM screens to be used when the options above are enabled

 <add key="PortalCompanyEditBlockName" value="PortalCompanyEditBlock"/>
 <add key="PortalPersonEditBlockName" value="PortalPersonEditBlock"/>

Button translation

 <add key="lblCompanyEdit" value="Edit" />
 <add key="lblCompanySave" value="Save" />

  • option above shows the system with setting
<add key="EnableCompanyEditScreen" value="Y"/>