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With this option turned on portal users can try register to use the portal.

If the persons email address exists in the CRM database then they are enabled for self-service.

*****There must be a person record - company emails are not checked and only person self-service is supported*****

If their email address is not in the database the system checks the domain part of the email and if it finds a match will create a new person in the CRM database (this can be disabled via a system setting).

   Registration settings:
   RegisterDisablePage - Set to Y to stop the page being accessed (useful if you have the menu turned off you can also stop anyone accessing the functionality using the direct url)
   RegisterAllowCreatePerson - set to Y to enable -Allows people not in the database to register once their email domain matches a company in the system
   RegisterEmailAdminOnRegister - set to Y for an email to be sent to the AdminEmailAddress when a user registers
   RegisterAllowCreateIndividual - set to Y to allow a person register and get created as a person
   <add key="RegisterDisablePage" value="N"/>
   <add key="RegisterAllowCreatePerson" value="N"/>
   <add key="RegisterEmailAdminOnRegister" value="Y"/>
   <add key="RegisterAllowCreateIndividual" value="N"/>

Once they are in the database a password will be emailed to their address.

If registration fails an email is sent to the user in the setting

 <add key="AdminEmailAddress" value="" />

To disable the option to register remove the item from the PortalLogonMenu (see Menu Customisation)

If you don't want to allow users to self-register but you want to (and should) use their email address as the logon you can us this SQL trigger on the visitor table to set that when you enable someone

    • This just advice. Use at your own risk

CODE Start

create trigger [dbo].[UpdateLogonId] on [dbo].[Visitor] after insert, update as begin set nocount on; declare @visiId int DECLARE @Email VARCHAR(50) select @visiId = INSERTED.Visi_VisitorId from inserted select @Email = INSERTED.Visi_EmailAddress from inserted update Visitor SET Visi_LogonId = @Email WHERE Visi_VisitorId = @visiId END GO ALTER TABLE [dbo].[Visitor] ENABLE TRIGGER [UpdateLogonId] GO