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Click on a case field to open

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View the case details

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Portal users can add Messages and Recordings and add files.

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The tracking notes list screen is called "PortalTracking". Create this as a SCREEN against the caseprogress entity.

The communications list screen is called "PortalCommunicationList". Create this as a SCREEN against the communication entity.

Set "DisableCaseNotes" to "N" in the web.config file for option to add case notes.

<add key="DisableCaseNotes" value="N"/>

Set "HideTrackingNotes" to "N" in the web.config file to see case progress and notes.

<add key="HideTrackingNotes" value="N"/>

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(Notes stored in case progress and as communications - the list below is from the caseprogress table)

 *the case progress data displayed can be filtered based on the "ProgressFilter" setting in the web.config file.
 <add key="ProgressFilter" value="and case_progressnote is not null"/>

Set "ShowRequestClosure" to "Y" in the web.config file for option to request case closure.

<add key="ShowRequestClosure" value="Y"/>

Set "AllowCaseFileUpload" to "Y" in the web.config file to allow option for file upload and drag and drop option.

 <add key="AllowCaseFileUpload" value="Y"/>

By setting this value to "Y" Files upload are also displayed under case details.

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Set the max file size. In bytes(1048576 = 1MB) , 5MB default, 0 for no limit

   <add key="MaxFileSize" value="5242880"/>

Filter for file types (comma seperated values)

   <add key="AllowedUploadTypes" value="doc,zip,docx,rtf,txt,jpg,jpeg,png"/>

Set "showSolutionsInCaseDetails" to "Y" in the web.config file to display suggested solutions that are linked to particular case.

<add key="showSolutionsInCaseDetails" value="Y"/>

To change how many solutions are displayed change value in "smallGridLenght" in web.config file.

<add key="smallGridLength" value="5"/>

To see solution press on solution field you want to see.

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To see most recent communication list set "DisableCommunicationList" to "N"

<add key="DisableCommunicationList" value="N"/>

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To filter communications for your preferences update

 <add key="commQueryCase" value="select top 5 * from vcommunication where comm_caseid=#case_caseid# and comm_action in ('EmailIn','EmailOut') order by comm_datetime desc"/>

When displaying a list of files related to the case the following SQL can be added to a setting to filter


  <add key="FileListFilterCases" value="libr_filesize>80"/>

Default settings for files uploaded to CRM

  <add key="case_libr_type" value="EmailAttachment"/>
  <add key="case_libr_category" value="Support"/>
  <add key="case_libr_status" value="Final"/>

These set the libr_type, libr_category and libr_status fields values.