CRM Visitors

From Customer365 for SageCRM

Within CRM itself you can view any person records recorded as registered visitors in CRM

To do this logon as a user with admin rights


 Administration -> System -> Self Service

Uncheck the "Anonymous visitors only" checkbox and click filter to see the people

Visitor maintenance is available at

See also

 "Sage CRM 7.2: Administering Self Service Visitors"

Trigger on visitor table that sets the users email address as the logon id (the logon id field should be expanded to make sure the data fits before using this)

 create trigger [dbo].[UpdateLogonId]
 on [dbo].[Visitor]
 after insert, update
        set nocount on;
        declare @visiId int
        DECLARE @Email VARCHAR(50)
        select @visiId = INSERTED.Visi_VisitorId
        from inserted
        select @Email = INSERTED.Visi_EmailAddress
        from inserted
        update Visitor
        SET Visi_LogonId = @Email
        WHERE Visi_VisitorId = @visiId