Global Downloads

From Customer365 for SageCRM

In this page user can access/download company`s global files

Control settings:

-File: globalDownloads.aspx

SQL filter:
<add key="globalDocSQL" value="select * from library where Libr_Global ='Y' and Libr_Mergetemplate <> 'Y'"/>
libr_type filter to global documents (eg. <add key="globalDocSQLFilterType" value="proposal"/>)
<add key="globalDocSQLFilterType" value=""/>
<add key="lblGlobalDownloadTitle" value="Global downloads"/>
<add key="lblGlobalDownloadInfo" value="Click on the items below to download"/>
<add key="lblFileName" value="File Name"/>
<add key="DownloadPathGlobalDoc" value="C:\Program Files (x86)\Sage\CRM\CRM73\Library\"/>

Email Message Text Settings

   <add key="FileDownloadMsg" value="File downloaded from Customer 365 Portal" />
   <add key="FileDownloadMsgPerson" value="Person :" />
   <add key="FileDownloadMsgCompany" value="Company :" />