From Customer365 for SageCRM

To use case management authorisation you need the following fields within the Cases entity

Field Name Type LookupValue (existing)

case_authorised - Selection - Yes/No

case_authorisedEsc - Selection - Yes/No

When a case is created by a non-company primary person the "case_authorised" and "case_authorisedEsc" values are set to "N" (No). The primary person must log into the portal and Authorise the case(s).

If created by a company primary person then the values are set to "Y" (Yes)

The "case_authorisedEsc" field is used to trigger the Escalation where you can control system messages and emails. See the Escalations section for details.


   * option to turn off the need to authorise cases
   <add key="IgnoreCentralSupport" value="N"/>
   * Name of the field to be used for the authorisation
   case_authorised should be a selection Y/N codes
   <add key="CaseAuthorisedFieldName" value="case_authorised"/>
   <add key="CaseAuthorisedFieldName" value="case_authorised"/>
   <add key="CaseAuthorisedYes" value="Y"/>
   <add key="CaseAuthorisedNo" value="N"/>
   * Name of the field to be used for the authorisation escalation 
   <add key="CaseAuthorisedFieldNameEsc" value="case_authorisedEsc"/>

For more details on Escalations see

Portal case settings

Within the web.config file you can specify to use the config defaults or not (if they are on the cases screen for example)

   <add key="use_default_case_source" value="Y"/>
   <add key="case_source" value="Web"/>
   <add key="use_default_case_status" value="Y"/>
   <add key="case_status" value="In Progress"/>
   <add key="use_default_case_stage" value="Y"/>
   <add key="case_stage" value="Logged"/>
   <add key="use_default_case_priority" value="Y"/>
   <add key="case_priority" value="Normal"/>
   <add key="use_default_case_secterr" value="Y"/>
   <add key="case_secterr" value="-1719701254"/>