Menu Customisation

From Customer365 for SageCRM

The Main menu on the LHS of the page is created from metadata

To edit select

Administration -> Customisation -> Users

There are 2 menus. One for when the user is logged out and one for when the user is logged on.

The menu for unauthenticated users is "PortalLogonMenu".

The menu for authenticated users is "PortalSupport".

The menu for authenticated users downloads is "Portaldownloads".

The download.aspx page can be copied and re-used with a different menu (allowing you have more than one download page) - The menu name should be the same as the page name If for example you rename the page "PortalHelp.aspx" then the tabgroup must be called "PortalHelp.aspx"

On top of navigation menu user can enable or disable users and users company information.

To also display header title set "UseHeaderDisplayTitles" to "Y" in web.config file.

<add key="UseHeaderDisplayTitles" value="Y" />

To hide user`s name in web.config file set "showUserName" to "N", to hide company information set "showCompanyFields" to "N". Or set both values to "N" to hide this information

<add key="showUserName" value="N" />
<add key="showCompanyFields" value="N" />

Menu items can be restricted for viewing for particular users.

To do this, add condition in CRM users menu

e.g. For "Resources" add condition - SQL: fa fa-external-link fa-lg#company,comp_type='customer'

In this case only company whose type is customer will be able to see "Resources" tab in navigation menu.

Example values for the menu images

 fa fa-dashboard fa-lg  
 fa fa-inbox fa-lg
 fa fa-building fa-lg
 fa fa-download fa-lg
 fa fa-envelope fa-lg
 fa fa-sign-out fa-lg
 fa fa-home
 fa fa-key

ref: Font Awesome Cheet Sheet