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Go to [Customer365] for access to the live CRM Together portal.

Customers of CRM Together in our system can register to use the portal from the Registration screen.

To register and log in, your details must be registered with the CRM Database and if not contact us via our website.

The CRM Together product 'Customer 365' is a "Sage CRM Self-Service" Portal Framework built using the Titan ASP.Net suite.

Customer 365 is provided as a mix of solution and services. The services include look and feel as well as any other levels of integration that you wish to provide your customers. This could include access to financial data (invoice, stock etc) from the portal. We have already implemented some integration to Sage 100 (MAS as it was previously known).

Images and colours in the help may look different from those on an implemented site.

In most installations there will be some configuration changes. For example "Company" might be called "Account", "Orders" might be "Invoices".

Installations are done by a CRM Together consultant.

This portal is built on the Sage CRM Self-Service platform

Most settings are stored in the web.config file with some as metadata in CRM.


Sage CRM Self-Service License

Sage CRM running on MSSQL